The Deyton Group has never stood still. Even with our success, we have never been satisfied to merely "hold the course".  It is part of our culture to actively pursue new opportunities and approaches to business in order to advance our company's position in the technology industry and to enhance our performance.  It is this same spirit that is driving the company to evolve and transform into the leading provider of technology and products which enable people to store, access and manage information.

Given these broad capabilities, the Deyton Group understands the inherent connection between how people store information and how they access and use it.  With our significant financial resources, we are aggressively investing in our company in order to advance and simplify the technologies required to make the most of the increasing amounts of information available to individuals and corporations throughout the world.  The Deyton Group is helping them get their information when, where and how they need it.  And, through our extensive relationships with the world's largest storage providers and software developers, we are in a position to tailor our technology and product offerings to meet our customers' needs.

As technology has advanced over the last two decades, the Deyton Group has positioned itself to benefit and learn from the impact computing has had on people throughout the world.

We are now positioning the company to benefit and learn from the impact that people are having on computing.  The fundamental problems of data capture, storage and processing have been mastered and we are passing this along.  People are now swimming in data and complain of data overload.  And, with the growth of the Internet, the amount of available data exceeds the wildest imagination of only a few years ago.  Experts say that there are over 870 million pages of information on the Internet today, and the number is growing rapidly.  The problem now is the anxiety people feel in their attempts to quickly and easily get to the data they actually need - in the format they need it, when they need it, and where they need it - thereby transforming it into actionable information.  It seems that no matter where they go in the world today, the problem is the same: "I know the information exists, I just need to find it and get it into the format I need so I can use it and share it right now."

The Deyton Group understands that Systems Administrators expect global technology leaders to stop pushing technology at them, and start helping them solve their information storage and backup needs.  They want technology-based solutions to help save them time and money, and provide better insight into the business, economic and cultural worlds in which they live.  The Deyton Group is helping people achieve these goals.  Together with our partners in the mass storage and automated backup industries we are making information a strategic asset for business, science, education - for living.

The power of client/server open computing is clearly defined by technology's ability to be easily customized and scaled to the needs of a particular person or business.  By working closely with our customers, we are providing and implementing specifically designed solutions to help people get their information when, where and how they need it.  We believe that by focusing on providing excellent hardware and software solutions for our customers' specific needs, the Deyton Group is uniquely positioned to grow as the increasing demands of information management challenge all users of technology.

In closing, let us say one thing about our employees.  The Deyton Group has the best employees in the world.  They are working hard to improve our company and drive the evolution to continue our leadership.  They want to be the best.  Together, we will meet the challenges and opportunities of the new information era.


The Deyton Group